Monday, January 13, 2014


I am currently teaching Cloud & Townsend's book Boundaries at my church on Wednesday nights.  This is my second season of sharing this with my congregation and it amazes me the various reasons people attend the class.  Some come for the obvious reason...they need help establishing and holding boundaries.  Others take the class because they know others who need the help.  But a few take the class to see why others are taking it.  I kid you not.

In discussions about boundaries, there are always one or two who seem baffled by the difficulty others have in setting limits.  These are the people I call "trespassers."  The reason they cannot understand the weaknesses of others is usually because they are the very people who tend to violate the boundary lines of others.  If this class holds true to our first group's sessions, and if these trespassers continue to the end, an epiphany will occur and the person will eventually be confronted by his/her aggressive behavior.

If everything I am saying to you is strange and confusing, I encourage you to buy a copy of the book Boundaries and read it for yourself.  We all need help discerning when it is time to say, "Yes," and when it is time to say, "No."  God created us and designed boundaries to be healthy lines where an individual can determine, "Where I end and someone else begins."  

It is the perfect guide to the establishment of healthy boundaries and a life of greater peace.


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