Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cranking it up...but overwhelmed

I am officially overwhelmed!  I've had to put my writing temporarily on hold.  I am trying to patch and paint all the walls of my house so a renter can move in on December 15.  I am also trying to coordinate change of banks and utilities so we can move into our new house on December 2.  If that weren't enough, I am trying desperately to get my writing career off of the ground.  Here's what's going on in that realm.

2014 is looking up for my writing career.  In January I have my first speaking engagement on bullying at BGA's Lower School in Franklin, TN, using The Pact as a catalyst.  In January and February I have a 10 Blog Book Tour.  Not exactly sure what that is, but I'm excited to have my book reviewed and get the word out into the the cyberworld.  In February all of my final revisions are due on book 2 of the Canaanshade series, The Dragon's Pawn.  In March I head out to Tucson for the annual Tucson Festival of Books to man a booth for my publisher, Black Rose Writing, and plug The Pact.  I hear 120,000 people attend the festival.

All of that and I am still holding down a full time job as a pastor...and am the father of seven children (5 of which are teenagers right now!).  I've heard of burning the candle at both ends, but my is being consumed by a blow-torch.  That's okay though...this is a dream come true.

So long for now.  I'm cranking it up...but overwhelmed.

Mitchell S Karnes

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