Monday, November 18, 2013 unfortunate hot topic

It is sad to say that The Pact is hitting a hot topic these days.  Why is that sad?  Because it means too many people are being bullied by others.

When we think of bullying, a scrawny little kid with glasses being cornered by the over-sized jock comes to mind.  Unfortunately that is just a stereotype and bullying takes many forms.  Why even a huge, athletic professional football player has recently come forward with his tale.  In fact, the bullying was so incessant and traumatic that this grown man gave up his dream...the NFL.

So, if bullying can affect a muscular athlete like that, just think what it does to the isolated, defenseless younger child.  Add to that the anonymity of cyber-bullying, and we have an epidemic on our hands.  My book, The Pact, isn't the cure to bullying, but it is a catalyst for a healthy discussion of its effects.  It is available at "" "" and ""  Pick one up today.

I have recently scheduled my first talk on bullying.  I will be addressing an assembly of K-4th graders.  I hope to impress them with the reality of bullying, teach effective means to stifle it, and challenge them all to make a pact:  "No one should ever have to stand alone."


Mitchell S Karnes

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