Friday, March 21, 2014

For a Rainy Day

I grew up hearing my grandmother talk about putting money away for a rainy day.  The next time it rained, I asked, "Grandma, you going to get your money?"  She smiled and then explained that "a rainy day" didn't mean the next time it rained.  It meant she was putting money away for a time when she needed it.  Well, this post isn't about rain or money.  It is, however, about creative ideas.

I await the release of book two, The Dragon's Pawn, and I write the rough draft of book three, The Treasure of L'lor Rac Siwel.  In the meantime, my mind churns out ideas by the dozens.  So what do I do?  Do I stop working on the novel and take off on the new tangents?  Or do I ignore the new ideas, treating them like distractions, so I can focus on the novel under construction?  Actually, I chose neither option.

I will continue to write on The Treasure of L'lor Rac Siwel, but I pause long enough to sketch out the ideas that are coming like a tsunami.  I learned the hard way, put an idea off for another day and I don't remember it.  But, I stop long enough to outline and write brief notes about the new idea and return happily to my present project.

Doing this, I learned a secondary lesson...possibly even greater than the first.  I am actually able to focus on my current project and do so without regret.  You see, I know the other ideas are safely tucked away for a "rainy day."  I just hope I have an audience that will one day appreciate the continuous journey with me.

That's it for now...back to The Treasure of L'lor Rac Siwel.


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