Sunday, March 30, 2014

This is Our Chance

For years, Christians have been complaining that Hollywood ignores them.  If you've kept track over the past two decades you should have noticed a rise in the "R" rated movies and a lessening of family friendly films.  Well, I have it from a very reliable source that 2014 holds a wonderful surprise for Christians...14 family-friendly, God friendly films.  This is our chance.  We can go to the movies and support this risk...or...we can keep complaining and watch the other know, the one's we've complained about.  So what will it be?

I took some of my children to two of these films this past weekend.  My 13 year old saw Noah with me, and my 11, 13 and 16 year old daughters just saw God's Not Dead with me today.  I have the following comments.

As to Noah, we were curious, cinematically impressed, but otherwise uninspired.  While the movie makers spared no expense on the actors or special effects, they played loosely with the storyline.  Because of such, I recommend that you and your family take time to read the story from Genesis chapters 5-9 before attending the film.  Take it for what it is, and then take time to compare and contrast the Hollywood version with the truth of God's Word.  Watch the film, but do not take it as truth (in and of itself).  Use it as a catalyst for discussion of truth.

As to God's Not Dead, my girls and I were, am, and will continue to be impressed, challenged, and inspired.  The film took a simple approach.  It offered no special effects, no enormous stars, but offered real life situations and the truth.  Wow!  The movie brought back horrible memories from my childhood when a friend's father burned a Bible I gave my friend.  I waited for lightning to strike the man...and to be honest...was terribly disappointed when God chose to remain silent.

The truth it or not, God gives us a choice...believe Him or not.  Yes, He loves us that much.  He gave everything we needed to have life:  His word, His Son, and His love.  What else do we need?  What else are we waiting for?  This is our chance.  Seize it today.  The same goes for our movie choices.  If God is allowing Hollywood to grant these choices:  biblical movies...inspirational movies...spiritual movies...shouldn't we go?

Here are a few that you can see now, and one that's on its way:  Son of God, Noah, God's Not Dead, and Heaven is for Real.  Support these the God.


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