Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Accepting Your Challenges or Questions

I'd like to offer everyone an opportunity to ask me a question.  You may ask anything about:  the mind of a writer, the heart of a teacher, the soul of a pastor, or the life of a husband/father.  I will do my best to respond as honestly and thoroughly as possible.

I'd also like to invite your writing challenges.  If you would like to give me a scenario or a writing prompt, I will happily respond in the like.  I will take the writing challenge, create a story using your prompt or scenario, and discuss the process I took to complete the task.

I have said, "Welcome to the Innerside."  I think it's high time I invited you into my world a little deeper than before.  I welcome your thoughts, your questions and your challenges.  Let's see what becomes of them.


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